Gig Grips Drumstick Grips

Buy Gig Grips Drumstick Grips“Freedom to focus on musicality, rather than technique." -MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE.
As seen on the Grammys and live on tour!

Gig Grips Drumstick Grips - the Choice of Pro Drummers WorldwideAs a drummer, you need to be totally in touch with the beat, in touch with your drums, your drumsticks and your grip. Playing with a looser grip opens up more creative, drumming freedom, reduces fatigue and strains.

Let's face it, a good gig is hot and sweaty - but you shouldn't need to increase your grip on your drumsticks as your hands begin to slip! Let Gig Grips take the strain!


black Gig Grips

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Gig Grips drumstick grips have been used by Beyonce's drummers at the Grammys, Rise to Remain - supporting Iron Maiden, and Phil Collins at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Thousands of drummers worldwide use Gig Grips drum stick grips!


Phil Collins plays Gig Grips drumstick gripsFatigue, sweat, strains and over-gripping can affect your drumming during long sessions at your drum kit. Gig Grips patented design provides a robust and flexible grip that enables you to play for longer with less energy wasted on gripping your sticks.

Gig Grips give you more momentum and that means MORE POWER. And, because you are using a looser grip, you can achieve MORE SPEED. And, with less fatigue, you can play, with power, FOR HOURS. Gig Grips FIT ANY STICK and simply slip over any finger (or thumb for a trad grip) and play! Gig Grips let you play with a looser, more natural grip, without slippage.

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-Patented Design
-Fits any size of stick
-Grips the stick but is smooth on the finger
-Can be adjusted for position and size
-Works with any grip style
-Low cost with FREE delivery anywhere in the world
-Reduces strain by preventing over-gripping
-Less fatigue so you can drum for longer
-Reduce health problems from strains and impact
-Greater momentum can result in more powerful play
-You actually touch the sticks unlike other solutions
-Works with the heaviest of rock and lightest of jazz

Gig Grips drumstick grips - the best drumstick grip in the world?
Gig Grips seen at the Grammy Awards!

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